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Building a website is a multi-faceted beast and is a task that requires the support of experts to get it right. When undertaking a website build there are so many factors to consider and, where generating leads and increasing revenue are concerned, one aspect emerges as the most important: user experience. Failing to connect with users in the right way means that they won’t take the actions you desire – namely getting in touch with you for your services or products. In today’s digital age, consumer attention spans are fleeting, and your competition is fierce – which is why crafting an engaging website that inspires action is paramount. Fortunately, the digital marketing specialists at Safetech know what it takes to improve user experience on your website.

In this guide, we’ll explore How To Improve User Experience On Your Website and how you can transform quick glances into loyal customers. We’ll also showcase our bespoke services to highlight how we can help you engage potential customers and increase your revenue year on year.

Enhancing User Experience With Safetech

You never get a second chance to make a memorable first impression – that’s why user experience should be your primary focus when building your new website. User experience, also known as UX in the digital marketing industry, is the umbrella term for describing an individual’s overall experience when interacting with your website, products and services. More broadly speaking, Safetech can help you understand how your website impacts a potential customer’s perceptions, emotions, preferences and behaviours. With this understanding, we can plan, design, build and manage a new website that aligns with these user experience factors to meet and exceed visitor expectations.

We’ve all faced frustrating websites whereby the design makes it difficult to contact the company, poor-quality images put us off and navigation is generally tricky to understand. When facing these issues what do you do? If you’re anything like us, we bet that you click the back button quickly to seek an alternative website. At Safetech, we can design a bespoke website for your company that considers how easy, efficient and enjoyable your website is to visit and engage with. As a business owner, user experience is the key to opening new doors for your company. With our proven recipe for growth, we can help you cultivate success, boost your revenue, and expand year on year with guaranteed results – all when effectively considering the impact of user experience.

When user experience is successful, it fosters engagement, loyalty and satisfaction by creating meaningful and valuable interactions between users and your products, services and business. But how do you improve user experience on your website? Here’s everything you need to know…

Website Design: The Foundation of User Experience

It takes approximately seven seconds for someone to make a first impression of your business. That’s why your website’s design is vital to user experience success. The way your website looks sets the stage for the whole user experience and can significantly influence visitor perception of your brand and business. When you collaborate with Safetech’s digital marketing specialists, there are several key principles that we can infuse your website with to create the foundations of user experience…

  • Clear Visuals & High-Quality Images

Unreadable websites with poor-quality images are off-putting, which is why investing in clear, eye-catching visuals and premium imagery is essential. Both of these elements work cohesively to showcase your products and services in the best possible light and ensure that visitors have a clear idea of your business’s services. What’s more, visually appealing imagery and visuals work to captivate and inspire visitors and engage them with your content.

  • Call-to-Action Buttons

One of the most important elements of your website’s design is featuring prominent call-to-action buttons. Without these essential features, potential customers won’t be able to contact you about your services and you could lose a lead. Prominent, clickable call-to-action buttons should encourage visitors to take the desired actions, whether they’re contacting you, making a purchase, signing up for emails or connecting with your social media accounts.

  • Simplicity is Key

Coco Chanel once said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. The same can be said for your website’s design. At Safetech, we design modern and stylish websites that align with consumer habits and demands. This means that we avoid over-cluttering your site with unnecessary elements to ensure it is clean and legible. Remember, less is more when it comes to designing websites.

  • Consistent & Recognisable Branding

Do you want a brand that you can be proud of and that is recognisable to your clients? Of course you do. As a business owner, consistent and recognisable branding is the key to making your mark on the world and in your industry. Maintaining consistency in your branding across your website is vital in establishing your brand identity. Moreover, it works to foster trust with potential customers.

  • Legible Fonts & Visual Cues

Whether you realise it or not, font types and visual cues can significantly impact user experience. The digital marketing experts at Safetech can infuse your website with visual cues such as arrows, icons and more to highlight important elements to users. We also ensure that legible and appropriate font types are used across your website and optimise them for all screen sizes.

  • The Impact of Colour

What does red say to you? Important action! How about black? Contemporary modernism. What about gold? Luxury and high-profile. When it comes to website design, the psychological impact of colour should never be underestimated. We curate your website to leverage the psychological effects of colour to evoke the desired emotions and actions from website visitors.

  • Highlight USPs

Unique selling points (USPs) should always be clearly highlighted throughout your website. You may be up against hundreds – if not thousands – of competitors, and website visitors need to understand what sets you apart from your competition. Understanding how user experience influences the way visitors engage with your website and act will help you capture their interest and inspire them to choose your company and services.

Website Navigation: The Map to Success

Have you ever abandoned a webpage because you simply can’t find what you need? If so, then you’ll understand how important navigation is to a website’s success. Effective and efficient navigation is vital for ensuring that website visitors can quickly locate what they need and take the desired action. At Safetech, our expert website designers can create a map to success to ensure that your website is easy to navigate for all users. Here’s what we can do to help…

  • Call-to-Action Buttons

Prominent call-to-action buttons, as well as encouraging users to contact you, can also guide them strategically through your website. Whether it’s a “Learn More”, “Get in Touch With Us” or “Find Out About Us” button, they should be easy to spot and engage with.

  • Quick Footer Links

The footer of your website should include quick links so that users can easily access important pages on your website. Clickable links that take visitors to contact pages, FAQs, customer support and more are essential for a successful user experience.

  • Navigation Buttons

Navigation links such as “Back to the Top” or “Back” buttons should be implemented across your website to facilitate ease of navigation. These allow users to navigate your website without having to manually scroll.

  • Check & Fix Broken Links

Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you’ve found the perfect service, only for the webpage link to be broken. We recommend regularly auditing your website for broken links to ensure that all internal and external links are working correctly.

Total Optimisation: Seamless User Experience Across All Devices

The way users access websites is transforming rapidly and ensuring that they can use your website regardless of the device they’re using is essential. We can optimise your website for use on all screen sizes and devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive design, mobile-friendly layout and regular testing across devices and browsers are the best ways of ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience, whichever device or screen size visitors are using.

The Need For (Website) Speed

We live in a fast-paced digital world and few consumers have unlimited time to wait for web pages to load. There is an expectation for websites to load quickly and smoothly and if you’re not sure how to meet this need for speed, Safetech can help. We can compress images and multimedia files to reduce their size, minimise the number of HTTP requests required to load your website, optimise code, upgrade hardware, use caching mechanisms and much more to elevate your website’s speed.

Build Trust Through Accreditations

When weighing up their options, users are far more likely to engage with a company with accreditations, certificates and endorsements than those without. Showcasing relevant accreditations and certificates works to instil trust and credibility in your brand, they will also highlight your commitment to quality in your industry. Furthermore, industry partnerships and real-life customer testimonials demonstrate the positive impact of your products and services.

Ready to improve user experience on your website?

For more than 10 years, the digital marketing specialists at Safetech have helped businesses improve their website’s user experience. We understand what consumers want from website design, navigation and optimisation. Moreover, we understand how to implement usability, accessibility, desirability, usefulness, and credibility to innovatively curate and manage websites that foster a positive user experience. Every website that we design, build and manage is guided by intuitive navigation, attractive visual design, clear communication, fast loading times and more to fulfil user needs and expectations. Understanding how to improve user experience on your website is the bread and butter of success. By creating meaningful and valuable interactions between website visitors and your products and services, you can foster engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. These three goals of user experience will ultimately drive your business to grow and succeed.

Working with the experienced digital marketing team at Safetech is the clear road to success for your business. We truly understand website development and digital marketing, which means that you can rely on us to infuse your website with all the elements it needs to create a memorable and engaging user experience. If you’d like to find out more about user experience and how we can help with yours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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