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We achieve first page results for businesses across all industries

Are you searching for a results-driven marketing agency to assist you in your ascent to the first page of Google? At Safetech, we understand just how competitive it can be.

Utilising industry-leading tools, we optimise websites to increase traffic and maximise conversions with content marketing, backlink building and technical SEO.

At Safetech, we take advantage of advanced SEO techniques to help both eCommerce and lead generation businesses achieve organic success on all top search engines.

We’ve helped many businesses across the country grow their organic search rankings exponentially by targeting relevant consumers. We achieve long-term results that will positively impact your business.

Our expert team knows how to design SEO strategies that can benefit businesses massively. We use a variety of on and off-page techniques to transform websites and help businesses across the country perform on SERPs, always considering Google’s ranking factors.

Our SEO process

Keyword Competitor Research

We conduct thorough keyword research to find out what people are searching for in your target areas. We’ll analyse your competitor’s keywords, content and backlinks. Based on our findings, we will select keywords that we believe will work best for your business in your target areas.

Copywriting & SEO Prep

After carefully selecting keywords for your SEO project, we'll begin creating written content for each of your keywords. Using various industry-leading tools, we can analyse your competitors' websites to find out how we can keep you ahead of the rest.

SEO Audits

Before any SEO campaign begins, we will analyse your website to find out how it is currently performing. This involves us looking at content, links, website structure and any technical issues that there may be. Using ethical practices, we achieve the best overall results and rankings for your business, ensuring your website is functioning at its' best.

Backlink Building

Link building is a vital part of SEO. This involves building and earning links in an ethical, natural way, with a balance of low, high, follow and no-follow links. A quality backlink profile is an excellent way of supporting your SEO campaign. We use SEMRush to track and monitor the impact of backlinks on your website.

Technical SEO

For search engines to be able to crawl and index your website, the technical architecture of your website must be flawless. Using Google's Search Console, Analytics, SEMRush and SERanking, we will assess the current performance of your website to determine what changes can be made to improve its' overall quality. Things such as page load speed and page titles may seem like small changes. However, these factors play a huge part in staying ahead of your competitors.
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Want to stay ahead of your local competitors?

We know just how important it is to stay ahead of your competitors when targeting your local area as a small business.

Using various leading marketing tools, we will monitor your competitors online to make decisions on the future of your SEO campaign accurately.

Our tools allow us to analyse your competitors’ keywords, content and backlinks. Using this data, we can find out what is working for other businesses in your industry that are also targeting your area.

Each SEO campaign is different and we design a unique strategy for each business. At Safetech, we have a proven track record with SEO for both local and national companies.

We’ve developed a sound reputation for achieving long-term results that take businesses to the next level.

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