What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Having a website is one thing. Having a website that features high on the search engines is another.

Growth of any business includes being found by potential customers. Your businesses good exposure on search engines is paramount.

Safetech provide Search Engine Optimisation packages which include analysis, management, heavily researched keywords and domain authority boosting. Our packages are tailored to your budget and business needs.



Safetech believe that research is a key element of the marketing process where we endeavour to provide the best advice possible. Regular contact is vital, therefore; our marketing team make regular contact with you to discuss ongoing SEO results and strategies.

Our reporting is very transparent where we provide honest results and relevant statistics so that you can easily see the effects of our marketing services. We utilise SEO methods that have been tried and tested over many years. We have grown many businesses with our strategies where our goal is client satisfaction at all times.

Why is SEO essential for your business?

Search Engine Optimisation involves making certain changes to your website design and the content of the website to make your site more attractive to search engines. SEO is the process that we go through to help make sure that our clients websites rank high on the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. Further to the fact that your website appears higher on the search engines, additional traffic will be driven to the website. Usually, more traffic means more customers.

The likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing continuously change the algorithms that are used to feature websites in particular positions on their search engines. For this reason, we continually analyse these algorithms to ensure that our processes and strategies are amended to suit current expectations.

  • Applying additional relevant website content. Reputable exceptional content added to the website periodically. We create amazing and relevant content that the search engines love.
  • Adding relevant and targeted keywords to the website.
  • Amending the website regularly to ensure that the website is seen as fully active by the search engines.
  • Ensuring that all Title, Description and Keyword metadata is set correctly.
  • Ensuring that the website is fully Link-worthy.
  • Ensuring that all Alt tags and alternative text descriptions are applied to visual and video media content on the website.
  • SEO is not only about your content on your website but other forms of marketing. SEO combines many forms of marketing including social media content to increase your visibility and standing. Safetech are always thinking of new inventive ways to enable our clients to reach their potential customers.

So; What does our SEO package include?

  • Full Website Optimisation
  • SEO Maintenance
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Implementation
  • Keyword Maintenance
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Title, Description and Keyword metadata
  • Alt tag and alternative text description application
  • Domain Authority Improvements
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Calls
  • Suggestions from the marketing team
  • Content writing
  • Backlink building