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4.6 stars out of 145 reviews


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Do you find yourself saying “Google Ads is too competitive” or “Google Ads is too expensive” ? or worse “I tried Google Ads and it just doesn’t work for my business” ?

It is this type of thinking that is going to leave your business stuck in growth limbo while your competitors continue to take market share.

Managed correctly, Google Ads will help your business to skyrocket in growth and in profits – on one of the most powerful marketing platforms ever created.

But please don’t take our word for it.

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Google Ads Results

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Solving the #1 problem that all businesses face each quarter 🤝

Everything we do can be boiled down to solving the number one problem that all businesses face. It is a problem that business owners face every quarter.

“How do I get more customers?”

We’ve met with hundreds of business owners that are constantly wondering where their next customer will come from. They’re either running ads and not seeing the ROI they’d hoped for, or even worse – they’re not running ads at all, and are relying solely on word of mouth.

These “wait and pray” strategies are not reliable.

1 star – would not recommend. 👎

But listen, we get it. In the increasingly competitive world of digital marketing, you’re quickly left feeling like just another voice in a crowded room of business owners all yelling about their products and services. It feels just as “hit and hope” as waiting for word of mouth.

Which begs the question – How do I beat the competition with Google Ads?

Lucky for you, we’ve spent a decade getting really good at answering that question.

When implemented inside of our scientific customer acquisition system – Google Ads is, without doubt, the fastest and most powerful method for getting prospects to line up at your door with cash in hand.

Our system really is the secret sauce. Our experts leave nothing to chance when it comes to driving you the biggest ROI possible. We’ll pair your Google Ads campaign with a landing page that is crafted to convert each click into a ready-to-buy customer – squeezing every bit of profitability out of your campaign.

We’re unlike other PPC management agencies who set up basic ad campaigns and point them to an existing homepage that is not crafted for conversion. That’s a “fingers crossed” strategy and will not drive consistent results. No bueno.

No crossed fingers here. We’ve perfected a proven system that maximises results across the board:

  • ✅ Boosting your landing page quality score
  • ✅ Lowering your cost-per-click
  • ✅ Lowering your cost-per-acquisition
  • ✅ Generating a sky-high return on your investment

Simply put, our system focuses on one thing: generate the highest return on your investment.

More leads, more customers, and more profit.

Unlike Colonel Sanders, we’re actually going to give you some of our secret recipe right here on this page. Let’s begin by telling you all about Single Keyword Ad Groups (S.K.A.G)

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4.6 stars out of 145 reviews

Working with Safetech for a few years now and they have taken our marketing to the next level. Just unthinkable to run our business without our current marketing plan. Website went from a few to thousands of visitors a month and we're currently experiencing 2 to 3 leads a day. I'm sure we'll work together for many years to come!

Jimmy Jorge, County Linen



Keywords are just the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to turn your PPC campaigns into a powerful, dominating cash machine, you have to also look at search terms and single keyword ad groups.

Many brands make the mistake of having multiple keywords in a single ad group. Even if all the keywords have the same theme, it makes it a lot harder for your ad to match the search term.

Think of it this way- if you have many keywords for your ad group, your ad can never make a 100% match between the keyword you are bidding on and the ad that you want to show.

A way to prevent this, and to make your ads more relevant is Single Keyword Ad Groups or S.K.A.G

S.K.A.G allows you to control the match between your keyword and your ad.

Having multiple keywords in your ad group essentially hinders your performance and brings down your click-through rates.

When you have one keyword per ad group, your ad becomes instantly more relevant, making it more likely to convert and more likely to yield you a sale.

Having only one keyword also lowers your cost per conversion, which means higher profits for you.


= Higher relevancy score ✅
= Higher conversion rate ✅
= Lower cost per click ✅
= Lower cost per conversion ✅
= Increased sales & profits ✅

Once you adopt this strategy you are going to see a HUGE increase in your click-through rates.

(Want another? We’ve got you! Let’s keep going… 👇)



Do you spend just as much time tweaking your ads as you do your landing pages?

The whole purpose of running a Google Ads campaign is to get people to your landing page. After all, your landing page is where all the magic happens to convert your ad clicks into warm leads and customers.

If your landing page is not up to scratch, what is the point in spending time, money and effort with Google Ads? This may seem obvious, but many agencies forget this very fact.

Most agencies will send your ad clicks to a pre-existing homepage (face palm), but this is just throwing your prospects straight into a brick wall – they don’t know what to do next.

Your Google Ads campaign is only half of the picture; the full picture also includes your landing page and your sales funnel, which both need to be optimised to get you leads.

If you follow the highly recommend Single Keyword Ad Group approach that we talked about in Secret #1, you should have an extremely strong ad campaign foundation set-up already.

This will allow you to spend less time tweaking your Google Ads campaign (which already has an exact keyword-to-ad match with the help of S.K.A.G), and more time optimising your conversion rates, which falls entirely on the quality of your landing page.

When you pair your laser-targeted ad with a powerful landing page that converts more clicks into leads – this will help you to skyrocket conversions at a much lower cost.

4.6 stars out of 145 reviews



Could it be that your short tail keywords are robbing you right under your nose?

Short tail keywords generally steal away impressions from longer more specific keywords.

To avoid this, you need to look at your search terms and make sure that they correspond with the exact same keyword.

Essentially, both your search terms and your keywords have to be a perfect match.

Notice a discrepancy between your keywords and search terms?

You may need to include ad group level negative keyword to give you an exact match.

To do this, add the rogue search term to your negative keyword list. This should then allow a perfect match of the keyword to the search term.

When your keywords and search terms match, it prevents your short tail keywords stealing impressions from your longer tail keywords. It also makes your ad far more relevant to those searching.

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I am getting a good flow of customers from my website. Safetech continues to help my business grow. You really get the feeling there is a team behind you helping and wanting you to succeed.

Andrew Lawson, Bright Spark Fabrications


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  • ✅ Utilise Google’s Value Track Parameters to calculate which keywords make you the most money
  • ✅ Assess and optimise your ad metrics to maintain the highest earnings-per-click
  • ✅ Implement a smart Target CPA Bidding strategy to maximise your conversions as much as possible
  • ✅ Optimise for phone number leads generation to maximise the amount of warm, ready-to-buy enquiries

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What is Google Ads PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a digital advertising model. Google Ads is the most popular pay-per-click platform with Google being the most powerful search engine. With Google Ads PPC, advertisers pay for each click on their ads. Essentially, Google Ads PPC is a targeted method of purchasing website clicks.

 When a keyword is searched for on Google, advertisers who are targeting this keyword are entered into an auction to appear on the Google search engine results page. Each time an ad is clicked, this sends the searcher to a landing page or website and the advertiser is charged a small fee. The aim is to convert each click into a purchase or lead.

 The different types of PPC ads include search ads, local search ads, display ads and remarketing.

How does Google Ads work?

Every time a user conducts a search on Google, Google analyses advertisers’ campaigns and matches them to the searches most relevant to their chosen keywords.

1 – Someone searches on Google
The process begins with someone searching on Google for a specific keyword. Whether your ad will appear depends on if this keyword is one you have chosen for your Google Ads campaign.

2 – Google looks at the advertiser pool
After a Google search is conducted, Google looks through all of the advertisers targeting the keyword searched to see who’s bidding on that keyword. If there’s only one advertiser targeting this keyword, there’s no need for an auction.

3 – An auction is triggered
If there are enough advertisers, Google will trigger an auction to determine ad placement. This happens in a matter of milliseconds before the search results appear for the searcher.

Google holds an auction to ensure the most relevant ads are shown to the searcher. The auction takes into consideration the advertisers bid amount and landing page quality score.

4 – Google looks at the advertisers’ keyword selection
To determine your ad placement, Google looks at the keywords you have selected for your ad. You can bid on multiple keywords, but Google will look for keywords most relevant to the search query.

Keywords can be selected with various match types – exact, phrase and broad.

If a keyword has the exact match type, this means that your ad will only be found when this exact keyword is searched for.

If a keyword has the phrase match type, your ad will only be found if a phrase containing your keyword or synonyms has been searched for.

With the broad keyword match type, your ads can be found if the user’s search query contains any word within your key phrase, in any order. Broad match keywords are a great way to drive lots of clicks, but advertisers need to keep a close eye on their search query reports to ensure that they’re not paying for irrelevant traffic that doesn’t convert.

5 – Google analyses your maximum bid and quality score
Your maximum bid is the most you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This amount is flexible and you can change it as needed. Generally, you would want to research what other advertisers are spending per click on a certain keyword to make an educated decision on your maximum bid.

Your quality score is Google’s rating on the relevancy and value of your PPC ad. Quality Score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10. The aim is to get your score as close to 10 as possible because it will help you earn higher ranking ad positions and lower costs per click. Numerous factors make up your quality score, including:

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Keyword relevancy
  • Landing page relevancy
  • Landing page quality
  • Ad text relevancy

Altogether, it’s important to create an ad that’s entirely relevant to the search query and provides users with the necessary information if you want to have a high Quality Score.

6 – Google determines your ad placement
After analysing your chosen keywords, maximum bid and quality score, Google determines where your ad appears in search results. Your ad rank is calculated with the formula – ad rank = maximum bid x quality score. So, even if your maximum bid is lower than your competitors, if your quality score is higher, you can secure a better position on the SERP for your ads.

7 – Your ad appears on the Google results page
Once the Google results page loads for the user, your ad will appear in the appropriate position, determined by Google’s ad placement formula. This is where the user can see and click on your ad.

Will a Google Ads and PPC agency work for my business?

Put simply, we need to speak with you to find out!

Google Ads is by far the fastest way of gaining customers and generating leads for your business. However, the main components of a successful Google Ads campaign are – getting ahead of the competition and making it as profitable as possible.

We meet with businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country who have given Google Ads a go without much success, leading them to be sceptical that it will ever work for them.

This is where our tailor-made strategies come into play. We’ve tried and tested our methods across all industries and can confidently say that we know what it takes to craft a profitable PPC campaign.

We’re unlike other PPC management agencies who set up basic ad campaigns and point them to an existing webpage. Don’t make this same mistakes we’ve seen countless times! We come across hundreds of businesses who are spending huge amounts on ads but not seeing anywhere near the return on investment they should be.

So, when deciding if Google Ads and PPC is the best thing for your business, simply ask yourself, is there a demand for my products and services?

You can find out how many searches your products or services are receiving on average each month using Google’s keyword planner tool.

Overall, Google Ads is the ultimate sales-driving machine, perfect for e-commerce websites and service-based businesses looking to gain sales and customers FAST!

How do I choose the right Google Ads PPC agency for my business?

When searching for the perfect PPC agency for your business, picking the right one is simple. Go for an agency that guarantees results!

We can guarantee growth to your business, no matter your industry. The proof is in the pudding! We’ve assisted hundreds of small to large businesses in their mission to dominate the competition and can do the same for you.

What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

Google Ads is Google’s pay per click (PPC) advertising system. This allows you to run ads across Google’s Search, Display Shopping and YouTube networks. When running Google Ads, you are charged for every click on your ad.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of encouraging Google to organically rank your website highly on the search engine results page. This can be done using various on-page and off-page optimisation techniques such as including keywords in your website copy.

Unlike SEO, which can take 12 months to see improvements in your organic search rankings, Google Ads can deliver exceptional results to your business on day one.

What are the benefits of Google Ads for gaining customers?

Google Ads is the single fastest way of gaining customers and generating leads for your business.

The key components of a successful Google Ads campaign are – getting ahead of the competition and making it as profitable as possible.

Google Ads are laser targeted and allow you to position your ads in front of people actively searching for your products and services in your target locations. Google’s highly sophisticated advertising platform lets you filter out unwanted traffic, meaning that you can utilise every penny of your ad spend for the benefit of your business.

Google Ads works like a 24/7 sales team that doesn’t take days off. Plus, unlike SEO, you don’t have to wait to reap the rewards. Google Ads delivers instant results. Meaning that with our tried and tested methods, you could be growing your business from day one!

How long does it take for PPC to work?

Unlike SEO which can take 12 months to generate any return on investment, PPC can bring in instant results for your business.

Once a Google Ads campaign is set up and published, a review process is carried out by Google. This takes no longer than a few days. After your ads have been approved, they will instantly be shown to people searching for your chosen keywords.

What is quality score?

Quality score is the rating that Google gives you based on the quality and relevance of your ads. Your landing pages, ads and keywords are taken into consideration when Google determines your quality score.

It is measured on a scale of 1-10, 1 being trash and 10 being perfect.

Quality score affects how much you’ll pay per click, how often your ads are shown to Google users and the overall performance of your campaign.

The higher your quality score, the less you will pay to show your ads in better positions than your competitors.

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Already running ads? We’ll take a look at the results you’re currently getting from your campaigns and offer strategies to dramatically boost performance. More leads, more customers, and higher profits.

Grab a coffee with one of our PPC experts and here’s what you’ll walk away with at a minimum:

  • ✅ Competitor analysis and overview
  • ✅ Keyword research and statistics
  • ✅ Landing page analysis and recommendations
  • ✅ Budget optimisation analysis
  • ✅ Ad quality analysis

4.6 stars out of 145 reviews